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Flight Simulator Cockpit Flight School Airplane Training Frasca Model 100f

Flight Simulator Cockpit Flight School Airplane Training Frasca Model 100f For Sale

Flight Simulator Cockpit. Frasca Model 100f.. Condition Is "used". This Is A Complete Setup For A Man Cave Or Collector Or For Using. I Powered Up This And It Appears To Work. The Controls And Gauges Seem To Move. I Am Not A Pilot And Know Nothing About Flying. Has Owners Manual And Drawings Of The Wiring And Insides. This Is Very Technical Machine And Was Used At A Flight School. Very Cool Looking Piece. The Plane And Cockpit Part Is 8ft By 3ft Aprox. Table Is Approx 4 Ft By 4ft. Local Pickup Only. I Could Possibly Help Ready For Shipping. Message About Details For Shipping. Shipping Would Be At Buyers Expense.
Sold by alsmachineshop1 in Decker...


Cessna Baggage Door Strike Plate

Cessna Baggage Door Strike Plate For Sale

Free Trial ! My Personal Promise! Ialways Strive To Provide The Product And Service That You Requested And Deserve! In The Unlikely Event You Are Not. Within 24 Hours.
Sold by aviationpartsusa in Maple Valley...


Lycoming Oil Pressure Regulator

Lycoming Oil Pressure Regulator For Sale

pressure regulator oil lycoming. Used from doing certified overhauls. I always replace with new adjustable units. File photo but you will get the piece pictured a body spring and ball. ...